Abu l-‘Aasim al-Qasim bin Yusuf bin Muhammad at-Tajeebi as-Sabti al-Maghribi says,

“I requested the Shaikh, Faqeeh, respected Imaam, `Aalim, last of the pious predecessors and leader of the later generations, inimitable, fascinating, possessor of great eloquence and clarity of expression, the most knowledgeable person I have met in the East or West, Taqi ad-Deen Abu l-`Abbaas Ahmad bin Taymiyyah, (may Allah enable us to continue benefiting from him):

to direct me towards what would set right my affairs of Deen and Dunyaa; to point me towards those books on which I might rely regarding knowledge of Hadeeth, and similarly for other sciences of the Sharee`ah; to draw my attention towards the best of righteous actions after the compulsory duties; and to explain to me those goals which should outweigh all other aims; – all of this by way of concise guidelines. May Allah safeguard him, and peace and Allah’s blessings be on him.”

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