The Good Word
There is a statement for which whoever says it, even if it is his last words, will have all of his sins forgiven, and his reward will be everlasting Paradise.
It is the true statement of pure faith in the Almighty God – the declaration of His supreme sovereignty over all things, tangible and intangible alike, and the oath that all worship will be given to Him alone.

It is the creedal testimony to the true covenant of the Almighty God which all of His prophets taught their people.

It is the banner raised by all of the heroes whom the Almighty sent to purify mankind from sin, those whom He sent to fight idolatry and heathenism, to call His creatures to worship their Creator instead of each other.

It is the heaviest deed that will be levied upon the scale on the mighty Day of Judgement – a deed that will outweigh volumes of malicious deeds. It is the summarization of the why God Almighty created every existing thing:

There is none worthy of worship except for God
And so it was written, that one shall, “Worship the Lord God alone, and Him only should you serve.” (The First commandment according to the Biblical Old Testament). And it was also written that, “The Lord our God is One Lord.” (Stated by Christ according to the Biblical Gospel of Mark 12:29). And God’s last Messenger Muhammad, peace be upon him, () said “Whoever sincerely says, ‘There is none worthy of worship but God,’ He will enter Paradise.”

But this statement must be said with sincerity. It must be said with pure knowledge of its meaning, and it must be said with absolute conviction. For it contains two parts: one negating something, and the other confirming something.

The first part of this statement, “There is none who is worthy of worship…,” if pledged to sincerely, would cause one to deny all ideas, concepts, myths, etc. that are commonly worshipped. When witnessed in truth, it would cause one to alienate himself from every evil, such that he would free himself from all falsehood and those who portrayed it as truth. he would search out and cling desperately to the canonical Law revealed by the Almighty God and he would abhor all that the creatures attempted to replace it with. He would serve God alone and not invoke partners with Him in worship. He would not worship a man, statue or a human theory and he would hate that someone would do so. He would rejoice to be with the servants of the Almighty God; those who, like himself, have witnessed the covenant, like him they too serve only One.

On the other hand, the second half of the statement, “…Except God,” implies that he singles out God alone for his absolute love, loving Him with all of his heart, fearing His wrath, and hoping for His reward. It implies that he will worship nothing at all besides God, and that, “Indeed my prayer, my sacrifice, my living, my dying are all for God the Lord of the worlds.” – that his very existence is to serve Him, that he will glorify his master and praise Him alone, truly recognizing Him, in exchange for which he would truly recognize the worth of all creatures; that the best of them are those who serve their Creator.

So this is a brief explanation of the Good Word, the statement “La ilaaha ill Allah,” which if said with sincerity, will be the key to eternal Paradise.

It is the foundation of all true religion, singling out God Almighty alone for worship. It is pronounced above as it as stated upon the tongue of Christ as well as God’s Last Messenger Muhammad and all of the prophets and messengers before them, peace be upon them al.

It is the Good Word of Salvation. He who accepts the truth of it must utter “Ash hadu alla ilaaha ill Allah, wa wash hadu anna Muhammadan Rasool -ullah,” by which he will have entered the eternal fold of God’s religion of Islam, about which God Himself has proclaimed: “Indeed the religion according to God is Islam.” (The Qur’an 3:19) And none has a claim against Him in that.


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